To Our Customers and Partners 

Pomeroy’s commitment to the safety and health of our employees, customers, and partners is our top priority as we proactively respond to the current COVID-19 outbreak. We understand the critical nature of the services we provide to you and are keenly aware that those services and the availability of our team members are essential for your continued successful operations.

Since January, we have monitored the global virus and have taken immediate steps to ensure our continued operations. We have established the Pomeroy Coronavirus Response Team. The role of the team is to coordinate information, actions, and communications across our organization, in support of the Pomeroy team and all of you.  Continue reading  

“As we all work through the COVID-19 outbreak, we are grateful for your partnership and collaboration. Pomeroy remains steadfast in our commitment to the health and safety of our employees and our dedicated services to our customers and partners.” Chris Froman, President and CEO


Additional Information on Pomeroy's COVID-19 Preparedness

The Pomeroy Pandemic Response Team, comprised of leaders from all aspects of the business continue to release updated communications to our employees, customers and partners on a regular basis.


Customer and Partner Communications

Pomeroy Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Plan

Pomeroy Update-Manila Operations 03.16.2020

Pomeroy Customer-Partner CEO Communication 3-11-2020

Pomeroy COVID-19 Pandemic Plan 3-11-2020


Company and Employee Communications

Pomeroy COVID-19 Company Communication 03.27.2020

CEO Update to All Pomeroy Colleagues 03.20.2020

Message to all Pomeroy Colleagues 03.15.2020

Coronavirus Response Team Update 03.13.2020

Message on Coronavirus - Chief Human Capital Officer 03.10.2020