Helping Organizations Through COVID-19

During these unprecedented times, it's all about keeping people safe and businesses productive. Whether it's shipping laptops to first time work from home employees or phone support to help troubleshoot a VPN connectivity issue, Pomeroy is helping our clients stay operationally sound and enabled in the midst of the daily challenges that arise due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Our Clients' Stories

Top 25 US Banking Institution 

In response to our client’s need to rapidly redeploy its workforce away from its offices and establish a WFH program, 100’s of laptops and other devices were quickly configured and shipped directly to bank employees and contractors.

To support the bandwidth required of a large new remote workforce, circuit bandwidth was increased five-fold to ensure the simultaneous connectivity and productivity of over 5,600 people.

Global Home Appliance Manufacturer

As our client moved to close offices and plants, redeploying 1,000s of workers to work remotely, we quickly configured, shipped and installed WFH packages at locations worldwide so employees could work using both company and personal devices.

Pomeroy technicians responded throughout the broad WFH deployment to urgent client support requests for new hardware, break-fix assistance, and support to new hires to ensure minimal interruption to productivity.

Pomeroy worked closely with the client after hours and weekends to meet its tightly prescribed schedule of site closures and to make sure each site was managed according to plan and risk of disruption mitigated.

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

The rapid insurgence of the pandemic caught everyone by surprise, including county administrators, who suddenly faced how to maintain day to day operations in a new environment requiring 1000’s of employees to work from home.

Pomeroy established a virtual desktop infrastructure for 1,700 remote office workers before the pandemic hit, providing a high level of business continuity & emergency preparedness that no one could have anticipated.

“People already had access to this system and those running with our VDI platform were literally able to go home and continue to work…that same day. They didn’t miss a beat!

“We were lucky...a lot of people maybe not so much. There are plenty of solutions out there to help keep their workforces working. We’re still working… they are still contributing and things are still getting done as a result.”  –Anthony Olivieri, CIO

Leading National Lifestyle Retailer

Our client needed to act quickly to create distance in its stores between employees and customers by providing mobile point of sale devices so transactions could be managed safely.

Pomeroy’s Depot Services responded by quickly configuring and integrating POS devices, first setting up safe new configuration workspaces following CDC recommendations.

Each stage and team handoff between configuration, imaging, integration, packaging, shipping and logistics were managed in an agile seamless fashion, the result being 250 POS units were produced and shipped in 2.5 days – a speed to market six times faster than normal.

Top US Regional Bank

Our client had an urgent need for laptops to quickly outfit and support hundreds of WFH employees.

Rather than purchasing new hardware the client preferred to refurbish existing devices, many of which were defective and required significant repair.

An extraordinary series of events followed including the rapid scale-up of highly coordinated production cells in Pomeroy’s Depot Center to seamlessly manage hardware inspection, device repair, reprovisioning and imaging, testing, packaging and shipping. The long hours invested resulted in both the client’s deadlines being met and the distribution to-date of over 350 laptops to bank employees.

Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

The Bank found itself in a serious situation when user support to over 15-thousand employees was abruptly suspended by its overseas service desk due to the pandemic.

The client asked Pomeroy to help rapidly scale up service desk support for its WFH employees.

We quickly responded by establishing Global Service Desk support. In addition, Pomeroy Technical Staffing identified and recruited five experienced technical resources in less than one week to provide user support with five additional resources starting the next week.