Workplace Essentials 2

Workplace Essentials

It's all about uptime and availability

Workplace Essentials is the core of an exceptional user experience – that is, making users happy by providing the uptime and availability they need to do their jobs effectively.

We do this in a variety of ways starting with multiple Global Service Desks located around the world that are designed to operate as one virtual support organization using common infrastructure, resourcing, tools and foundational standards like ITIL framework and HDI methodologies.

Included in this are various proactive preventative-based technologies and the related Consulting, Design & Transitional Services which allow us to move many clients away from their currently ineffective and high cost service desk operations to our industry leading, best in class offering.

“Essentials” can be summed up in a single phrase…Pomeroy does two things really well – we stop “bad things” from happening and we resolve them faster if they do occur. Think about that from an end user’s experience.

When we’re fixing things behind the scenes with our predictive and automated intelligent tools, we’re eliminating incidents that typically would require the end user to call the service desk.  Instead they can continue on being productive because all of that was avoided.  And when they do actually have to call the service desk, we use our tools to reduce the amount of time it takes to get them back up and running again.  So in both cases, the end user experience has been improved dramatically.

Also through our national field services organization, we’re able to provide a local touch by supporting end users onsite especially through our Solution Cafés and Kiosks.  These inviting walk-in centers offer end users personalized support ranging from ‘while you wait’ device repair, to smart lockers where users can conveniently and securely drop off or retrieve devices when it works best for them.