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Workplace Lifecycle 

One size fits one

Today a person’s device is their lifeline to success.  It’s no secret then why the technologies people choose are so personal to them.  With the interchangeable nature of devices – be it a laptop, tablet or mobile device - users can do anything from anywhere.  You just need to ensure whatever they use is the right fit for them.

At Pomeroy, we recognize the importance of this and offer full Workplace Lifecycle services which manage endpoint devices from inception to refresh to enhance the end user experience, including advanced sourcing, persona role-based configuration, logistics, deployment, brokerage and asset disposition.

Through these services, we ensure your employees are getting the right technologies for their needs and that the devices work for them from minute one.  This includes customizing the devices for both the user and the enterprise so people can access their data and applications securely regardless of location, providing them the ability to collaborate with their colleagues seamlessly.

With Lifecycle services, you can also be assured that your users will be working with the latest technologies promoting maximum productivity, which can be difficult to manage sometimes given the ever-changing landscape of technology.

With our deep OEM relationships, Pomeroy always remains ahead of the industry and is able to provide the guidance many of our customers need to help choose the best devices for their employees’ needs with a “one size fits one” approach.