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Intelligent Automation

Supporting the workplace of the future, today

For Pomeroy, the “workplace of the future” – which is really happening now - is no longer an actual physical hub or workstation. Instead, it’s the place where a person is working at any given time having access from any device to all required data, applications and tools. To give end users the best corresponding support experience, Pomeroy does two things: prevents “bad things” from happening and resolves them faster if they do occur. We achieve this through the use of a number of different alternative solutions, such as:

  • Proactive intelligence: Preventative solutions that help ‘fix things before they break’ by pushing down automated resolutions to endpoint devices behind the scenes, eliminating the need for a support technician’s help
  • Automated self-healing: Monitoring device performance and performing real-time diagnostics allow technicians or users themselves to automatically resolve issues with the click of a single button
  • Virtual Assistants & Chatbots: Enabling an effective “human interaction” between people and machines to provide a more personal, satisfying feel to an otherwise highly automated resolution process
  • Intelligent Analytics: Retrospective diagnosis of device performance at the point where it started to degrade results in faster, more accurate issue resolution by support agents
  • Golden Asset Record: A nearly 100% accurate configuration management database (CMDB) is achieved through intelligent assignment of asset attributes. The data enables technicians to perform a more accurate diagnosis based upon a complete asset profile
  • Automated service requests: Backend automated workflows drive a more efficient management approval and request fulfilment process when user requests are entered into a self-service portal

Intelligent Automation is the cornerstone for transforming the end user experience. With these cutting-edge solutions users can be assured they'll remain productive with the ability to obtain support in the manner that best fits their needs and personalities.