Workplace Connect

Workplace Connect

Accessing key resources, from anywhere

A person’s ability to perform their job successfully requires access to two key resources – applications and data.  However in today’s world, what does that really mean?  Applications can be enterprise-level or consumer; local, virtual or mobile.  Data can be stored in the cloud or on-premise; encrypted or non-encrypted.  But does a user really care about how it all snaps together?

Pomeroy’s Workplace Connect provides users seamless and consistent access across the network to their applications and data regardless of the technical configuration making it completely transparent to them – which is the way it should be.

Workplace Connect also provides solutions to support device mobility, the applications on those devices and identity management.  This includes proper management of the devices for application deployment, content management, provisioning and virtualization.  Identity Management also secures your corporate environment by ensuring only authorized devices and the associated users of those devices are accessing your network and confidential data and applications.

With all of this in place, your employees only need to worry about one thing – their success.