Network Assessments

Business strategies, user demands, newly available devices and apps…IT is in a constant state of change, which can dramatically impact your network. Managing your current network while planning for tomorrow’s needs is not an easy proposition.

A Pomeroy Network Assessment can help you better align your IT assets and infrastructure to meet evolving business priorities.

  • A Targeted Assessment is limited in scope and is intended to address specific network functions or concerns. This will help uncover issues that can be addressed proactively, before they impact network performance. You’ll receive a detailed HealthCheck Report and an Executive Assessment Summary to help you evaluate your next steps.
  • A Comprehensive Assessment provides a broader analysis of your network and overall IT environment. Along with a HealthCheck Report and Executive Assessment Summary, you’ll receive a customized IT Roadmap outlining all findings and providing recommendations on improving your network reliability and performance.

No matter what your business focus, our goal is help you progress from your current state to an optimized networking environment that becomes a competitive advantage. Let’s work together to align your network with your business goals. Call Pomeroy today.