Communications and Collaboration

Communications and CollaborationPomeroy can help optimize your IT infrastructure to provide dependable, secure, and unified communications and collaboration. With IP telephony, messaging, digital media and document sharing, and video conferencing, we’ll seamlessly connect your office with sales representatives across the country, virtual employees, and customers and partners anywhere in the world.

IP Telephony

We'll leverage your IT infrastructure to alleviate the equipment costs, usage fees and maintenance associated with a traditional copper-based telephone network. And with IP telephony solutions, you can begin to integrate your company’s entire communication system into a single IP-based network. Voice and data can share bandwidth, giving you more bang for your infrastructure buck, and a more unified platform for all your communication needs.

We’ll work with top-tier partners such as Cisco, Juniper, HP, Avaya and Nortel to bring you an IP telephony framework that is cost-effective, secure and reliable.

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

By adding VoIP capabilities to your IT infrastructure, you can have more control over the cost, quality of service, and security of your voice, multimedia and data communications.

  • Use a single network for all your voice and data needs
  • Create unified messaging for all communications
  • Provide more secure calls using standardized encryption and authentication tools
  • Avoid tolls and other fees associated with copper-wire carriers
  • Improve call reporting, voice network monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Reduce your capital expenses by eliminating redundant infrastructure

Messaging and Collaboration

Communicate now with advanced technologies like TelePresence and Smartboards. Or create and share video and other complex files with Digital Media Suite. Stay connected through email and instant messaging, and share critical business data with content and document management platforms.