There is no better time than now to bring greater speed and agility to your organization at a lower Total Cost of Ownership based upon virtualization and Hybrid IT technologies that optimized application delivery by leveraging integrated public and private clouds platforms that can be managed using the same virtualization and management tools.

Pomeroy solutions provide a holistic approach to workplace computing and infrastructure management. We’ll help you assess, design, and implement virtualized, software defined, automated and cloud-based technologies to help your organization respond to the needs of a more dynamic workplace.

  • Greater network access, reliability, and end-user performance
  • On-demand capacity, dynamic resource management, and business continuity
  • Better application availability and network provisioning
  • Improved data integrity and network security
  • Scalable infrastructure with the flexibility to keep up with changing business priorities
  • Reduced capital expenditures, operating expenses, and total cost of ownership associated with on-site IT infrastructure and support
  • Up to the minute cost modeling and reporting so that business can make informed decisions around resource consumption

Our three-step process will unlock the potential of your IT infrastructure:

  • Pomeroy Optimization Workshop – This 30-day infrastructure assessment includes data collection and analysis, key stakeholder reviews, and a collaborative workshop. All information is combined into a comprehensive report, gap analysis, infrastructure report, roadmap with high-level work breakdown, and collaborative notes.
  • Professional Services – Because of our industry expertise in all areas of the IT infrastructure, Pomeroy is your best choice to implement the design and build of all optimization workshop recommendations.
  • Cloud Virtualization – We’ll leverage your investment by automating and properly orchestrating cloud-based, virtualized systems for more efficient and predictable performance.

Accomplishing more with less is a competitive advantage. We’ll show you how virtualization can effectively reduce IT expenses while boosting your company’s efficiency and agility.