Server Room

Monitoring and Management

Big data can translate into big rewards for your business. But only if that data is effectively managed and protected.

Pomeroy provides 24x7 Monitoring and Management solutions to better control your IT facilities, servers, storage, and network. The key is Pomeroy's cloud-based service automation platform that leverages best of breed automated tools that proactively monitor and manage the infrastructure, and remediate and resolve incidents before they impact productivity.

Monitoring is a reactive set of services that restores your infrastructure to a steady state after an alert has generated a service event. Data center and network monitoring provides:

  • Effective benchmarking of your data center compared to industry standards and historical performance
  • Transparent and actionable data analysis to help improve data center performance
  • Real-time dashboards to keep you immediately appraised of performance across all devices
  • Flexible support models based on your specific requirements

Management is a proactive set of services that allows you to optimize your IT environment, and includes problem management, capacity planning, and system administration. Effective data center and network management offers:

  • Streamlined operations and increased availability based on industry best practices
  • On-site, remotely managed, or hybrid support models
  • Integration of complex virtualization, utilization, and standardization practices
  • Reduced risk and greater availability
  • Integration with proactive, real-time monitoring

Pomeroy can help improve your network and data center performance while reducing capital expenses and operating costs. Contact one of our experts today to discuss your needs.