Desktop as a Service

Today's end-user is looking for seamless, no hassle availability and anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Desktop as a ServiceManagers understand this promotes happier, more engaged and productive workforces–starting at the desktop as ground zero. That may explain why leading organizations are embracing the benefits of moving away from physical desktops in favor of desktop as a service.

At the heart of this attraction is DaaS’ ability to make deployment and management of the desktop environment far less difficult for IT by reducing IT management complexity and cutting costs, while improving workforce productivity.

We specialize in a comprehensive set of DaaS services, including the assessment, design and implementation of an integrated virtualized workplace. First, an end-to-end analysis of existing user habits and application workloads determines hardware and software requirements and application compatibility. What follows is a customer-centric solution integrated with industry leading DaaS technology, all engineered to meet your unique needs.

Is DaaS right for your organization? It’s easy enough to find out through a Pomeroy Desktop Virtualization Assessment to benchmark and evaluate your readiness based upon current end user demand and your organizational objectives.

For more information on Desktop as a Service and its appropriateness for your situation, let’s talk.