In its simplest form, Hybrid IT is a mixture of Infrastructure platforms, legacy hardware/software and private/public clouds used to deliver to today’s business expectations of agility, flexibility and speed to market all while providing an exceptional experience to both end users and customers alike.

What are the challenges?

  • Older technology is harder to scale, more expensive to maintain, and much slower to change
  • IT landscape sprawl as legacy systems coexist with new technologies
  • ‘Shadow IT’ - Employees consuming cloud resources without IT knowing
  • Diversified IT infrastructures can be disconnected from each other which can cause broken business processes and service disruptions
  • The mixture of IT resources can create a very complex environment to manage and secure

How does Pomeroy Hybrid IT solutions help conquer these challenges?

Pomeroy’s Hybrid IT platforms leverage a full array of public, private, shared and dedicated platforms and cloud resources to optimize performance, workloads and costs while creating efficiencies and positioning your organization for growth.

Our highly experienced engineers work with you to continue to leverage the legacy environments you can’t change, while integrating as much as possible with the latest on premise and cloud-based resources your users demand. This may include replacement of systems and platforms or migrations to containers or microservices technology.

We assess your environment and business needs, helps determine your requirements, and designs a comprehensive hybrid solution.  We then deploy, migrate, operate and optimize that environment and ensure that it is fully secure and protected. If desired, we can continue to manage and monitor your environments freeing up valuable time for your IT workforce.

Our Hybrid IT Services include:

  • Converged and Hyperconverged solutions from partners such as Cisco, HPE, Dell and Lenovo
  • Automating and orchestrating the provisioning of servers, storage and network resources either on premise or in the cloud
  • Workshops to discuss data center infrastructure design, configuration and deployment alternatives as well as governance around cloud adoption
  • Public, private, hybrid, converged, hyper-converged and data protection solutions to fit our clients’ requirements and budget
  • Cloud assessments, design and migration services including, IaaS, Hosting, Protection and Recovery Services
  • Cloud services such as Azure and AWS which can allow for application migrations to more scalable and change ready platforms, data protection, or just new IT service delivery models

Pomeroy Hybrid IT Services help improve the uptime, security, and service quality of your business application delivery while reducing your cost of ownership.  Pomeroy helps you align your hybrid IT resources with your business needs.  And because there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, we’ll assess your needs and deploy the most effective tools and processes necessary to meet your business goals and deliver new applications and capabilities sooner.

Are you ready? We can help you plan your roadmap and transition to an optimized hybrid IT environment at a pace that’s right for you.