A New Perspective on the User Experience

The end user experience is all about having the ease and ability to use any device anywhere at any time. This experience should be intuitive, easy and automatic whether everything works as it’s supposed to – and especially when it doesn’t. Contact Pomeroy to learn more.

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Avoiding Speed Bumps in the Digital Fast Lane

It’s the universal user experience: You start your day fully expecting to quickly ramp up your workday and productivity, then... What the heck?! What just happened here? Now what do I do? On the other hand, what if there were a better way to either quickly resolve, or even avoid those common user speed bumps altogether? Watch what happens!

Anything but Certain: Planning Now for Post-COVID

COVID-19 arrived like a tidal wave giving companies little time to plan for how to support operations, serve customers and protect employees. One public sector organization however leveraged virtual desktop technology to rapidly redeploy employees from office to home. The lesson for the rest of us… now is the time to begin planning for post-COVID business continuity.

Life Hacks for the Recently WFH’d

For those of us suddenly thrust into a Work From Home (WFH) environment for the first time, our initial reaction can run the gamut from anxiety to enthusiasm. Here’s a few simple life hacks that can make your newfound WFH experience more enjoyable and productive.